Social Media Presence: The New York Times vs. The Washington Post

With most readers on the go, most news organizations are providing short updates via social media. Today, we examine The New York Times and Washington Post’s social media methods. Both websites are located on Twitter and Facebook—but interestingly enough, The New York Times makes this prominent on its website by putting it on the top, and The Washington Post puts this on the bottom of its page. Let’s see if their differences stop there. 

  1. The Washington Post’s (over two million followers) and The New York Times’ (almost 10 million followers) Twitters have a similar vibe: dark background, plus short and straight to the point tweets. However, The Washington Post seems a little friendlier because they are more likely to interact with their audience by retweeting. The New York Times mostly tweets about All The News That’s Fit To Print (their own), plus a few tweets here and there from followers.
  2. The New York Times rarely shares pictures on its twitter, which is interesting considering its impeccable taste in photojournalism. Most of their photo uploads are screenshots of the front page. On the other hand, The Washington Post frequently uploads pictures ranging from rubber ducks to the president.  
  3. The Washington Post’s Facebook is much like its twitter—mostly very short and concise. However, The New York Times’ Facebook is much more wordy than its twitter account. The New York Times makes use of the extra characters to provide a cool quote, question, or summary that the reader can interact with, while The Washington Post rarely has a post over 140 characters.
  4. Both news organizations RSS feeds work, but they won’t be around for long. However, the idea of an RSS feed is great because you can get all the news you want to read at a glance.
  5. Both news organizations could benefit from Tumblr,  especially The New York Times. Its known for its epic photojournalism, so this could be a good adoption on their part.   

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